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DXers gather at "Bar Hispano":
L to R.: Horacio Nigro, José Carlos Carbajal, Hector Goikoetxea,
Dario Monferini, Ruben Walter Suarez.

And at the end... Monferini's dessert session: three pieces of cake in a row!

    Dario was always covetously looking for their pennants and stickers, not only for sweets! :)
    As said before, stations have virtually stopped to print penants in favor of stickers. The good pieces of material as old pennants and stickers were given to him by the local DXers and hence some collections are now greatly diminished!

    Meeting with Dario has been a great experience: it was nice to visit so many studios including an on-the-air interview over CX30 R Nacional (MW1130), taking photographs and speaking with radios' staff.

    We enjoyed Dario's visit, learned a lot of the world's DX movement from a great experienced DXer. Moreover, his presence served us -local DXers- to strengthen mutual colleague relations and help to amalgamate the few active Uruguayan DXers.

73 & DX

  Photos/Text/Layout:Horacio A. Nigro , Montevideo, URUGUAY. December, 1998.-