Darío Monferini's DX trip to Uruguay

The photo album

November 15-16-17-18-28-29, 1998.-

Well-known Italian DXer Dario Monferini visited us in Montevideo. During his short stay we gathered twice with the few active Uruguayan DXers and other radio enthusiasts.
We guided and joined him in a tour to almost the total of AM/FM stations that are mainly located in the city's downtown. This required numerous short taxicab trips and some walking from station to station with bad weather in the first two days.
El Pinar
Asado party to welcome Dario (Nov.15, 1998)
L to R: Antonio Tormo, CX8CC, DXer Dario Monferini, DXer Horacio Nigro,
Mr. J.E. Larumbe, DXer Luis A. Beauxis, DXer Fernando Bentancor

Asado party (take#2) (Nov.15, 1998)
L to R: Horacio Nigro, Dario, Antonio Tormo, Fernando Bentancor,
Luis A. Beauxis, Larumbe.

Interview at CX30 R. Nacional (1130)
  LtoR: Antonio Tormo and Dario Monferini in the program
"Tiempo de Radio", aired Nov.16, 1998.
 CX30bLtoR: Silvia Rocca, Antonio Tormo, D. Monferini.
       Console operator drinking "mate amargo"
CX30 studios
CX30, R. Nacional: studios.